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Taking keyless convenience to the next level

We have realised that the smart lock selection in Malaysia is limited; there are no models for certain doors, nor are there functions that meet specific customer needs. As a new generation locksmith, we believe our passion and professionalism can make a significant impact on communities and that's how Namani Smart Solution was founded.


Improve Malaysians' daily convenience with affordable and advanced smart locks.

Allow everyone to enjoy keyless convenience by offering smart access solutions at different price ranges. Provide sufficient knowledge of smart lock operation to enable our valued customers to fully utilise the convenience of Namani smart locks. Ensuring that all customers have an enjoyable experience by maintaining good service.
Our Story

Namani Smart Solution Sdn Bhd was founded with the fundamental belief in providing good quality, affordable and innovative smart locks with strong after-sales service that can be relied on. As part of our mission, we strive to make smart locks common in Malaysia, so that everyone can enjoy the convenience of being keyless. Namani, our in-house brand, offers a variety of smart lock options at a variety of price points.

Namani Smart Solution has a vision: to provide affordable yet advanced smart access solutions to Malaysia. We believe good service is a crucial element of customer satisfaction. Hence, our team is well-trained, equipped with ample knowledge and experience, and committed to providing high-quality customer service.

We not only sell high-quality smart locks but also educate our customers and ensure that they can operate themselves in their daily life. Since we evolved from pin code unlocking to wifi remote unlocking and even to the latest 3D face recognition, we always maintain the highest level of access technology available.
Core Values
Premium quality product
Value for money
Professional Team
Trusted after sales service
Warranty covered

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