More than just a lock.


Manage your property from anywhere

Remote access is now commonplace, as our smart locks can be linked to smartphone apps. These apps enable us to check the access log and monitor the lock's status. With a simple press of the doorbell on the smart lock, the owner receives a call and can engage in a video conversation with the visitors through an intercom. After verifying the video, the owner can grant access to the visitor over the phone. This level of convenience is remarkable!


Unlock from everywhere, anytime by issuing duration PIN for visitors

This system is a perfect solution for Airbnb hosts who used to personally hand over keys to their guests. Now, there is no longer a need for such hassle. Instead, hosts can simply generate a duration-based PIN that automatically expires according to the length of the stay. The best part is that this method doesn't rely on a Wi-Fi connection at home, making it more reliable in any situation. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of passing keys around and the risk of them getting lost!


24 months warranty

Our commitment to providing a trusted and dependable service is evident in the generous warranty we offer for our smart locks installed in your home—extending up to 24 months. We strive to establish a sense of trust and reliability so that you can confidently rely on our products. While we acknowledge that unfavorable circumstances may arise, there's no need to worry. We provide on-site support and technical assistance to ensure that you can fully enjoy the convenience of our smart locks in your daily life.

Upgrade your security with us in 4 steps


When you contact us, we will set up a consultation to determine your security needs according to your budget.


Once we receive your payment, your order will be confirmed, and your product will be prepared for delivery or installation.


Installation will be arranged once your order is confirmed. Toward the end of the session, we will demonstrate how to use your new product.


You're all set! If you need assistance, you can always contact our Customer Service team.

Welcome To Namani Smart Solution

Experience the convenience of keyless entry at its best

At Namani Smart Solution Sdn Bhd, we provide you with state-of-the-art smart door locks in Malaysia to help you protect the safety of your home or office to the fullest. We are committed to providing you with only the best access control system. You can view all the latest products that we offer at our online store today to keep your home, office, or other buildings safe from burglars and thieves.

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jacky gck

As others said in google, when you enter here, you will definitely find and get the lock and accessories you want, plus their first-class explanation and service, especially Joey's willing and polite service attitude, of course it's very good in price too, and then you can quickly make an appointment for date of installation, Charles and his colleagues are very attentive to install and teach you how to use it. Everything is really super. Will definitely refer friends to buy here, giving them five stars is not enough.
Lee Jerry

Great service from the boss. Very professional and responsive. Highly recommended to those who have problems with their locks.

I have enjoyed the service by Joey and her team. The delivery process was smooth and effective, and I really want to compliment their service! It was great! Would definitely buy from them again 😊

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